Rims repair and finish

Repairing and finishing with style

It happens quickly and the curbstone crossed your way… KRAGE styling helps you with a rims repair or a rims finishing.
We offer you the coating of aluminium wheels as well as the complete polishing by hand. The result is normally more effectif. Please find below our price list!


We cannot guarantee the shimmer of the rim in case of a total polishing, as this depends on the alloy of the rim. Due to this we can only consider our own experiences. We cannot take any guarantee. Please click on rims finishing to see more finished rims.
The showed rims on the left side are the original Porsche cup- and one fox rim (at the bottom right). This wheels have been mechanically complete polished and coated.

All prices are valid per set plus the legal value added tax.
Other works on the rims, for example : replacing of rim horn, rim stars or rim keys are possible after agreement. Also for more multiple rims!
For the rims treatment the following conditions are valid :

  • We reserve us the right to refuse the treatment after checking the quality by receiving the goods when a quality good treatment can not be granted due to technical reasons.

  • We take no liability for all damages on the rims which occurs after leaving our garage.

  • We remind you that the treatment will be done exclusevly by a mechanical process without chemical or electro-chemical impact.

  • Corrosion damages will be removed.

Before and after comparison