Krage Garage service

Our service – not only for porsche

KRAGE-Tuning submit special individual .


Our workshop the oldest special garage for Porsche cars in Berlin.All our expertise is gained from over 50 years of experience.


Whow fast has it happened … and the kerbs was in the way?
CAS helps you with a rim repair and with a rim refining.

Here a look in our garage to give you an idea that your “darling” will be in good hands in our garage.
If your “darling” needs a visit in our garage we will first of all check the details. In case that we will find something more we will immediately inform you.

General inspection (New UMA)

We have several times per week the Technical Surveyor in our company. Since January 2010 we do not have special badges for the waste gas inspection (AU) in Germany, because this is a part of the main inspection “Inspection of the motor management-/waste gas cleaning system UMA”. The frontal license plate have only white blank badges. The fees are the same. The service remains the same. Please contact us for an appointment.