Maintenance and inspections

We offer you
  • Inspection Service

  • Engine Inspection

  • Body Works

  • Repairs around your Porsche

  • Heating and air conditioning systems for 964 and 993

  • Diagnostic

The maintenance service will be done acc. to the factory specification. All materials like lubricants and sealings are included in a fixed price!

We use fully synthetic motor oil 0W/40 and partly synthetic motor oil 10W/40.

Costs for replacing damaged or weared parts as well as additional required spare parts for the inspection, as for example brake or coupling components.
The prices are basic rates for the 20.000 inspection.
For the 40.000, 60.000 nd 80.000 inspections we have to do additional sevices like (filters, gear oil, perhaps ATF at Tiptronic etc.). Please contact us for a quick appointment under 0049 30/6872195 or send an email to:

We offer inspections at a fixed price for your Porsche which you will find in the right column.
All prices included the tax.
All mentioned prices are subject to alteration /

Ultrasonic cleaning
Beauty Styling for Engine

This shows who your engine could look!

With this “Beauty Styling of your engine not only your car looks good from the outside even your engine compartment looks like new or better.In the course of the Beauty Styling we could for example:

  • Stop leaks on the engine.

  • Parts could be disassembled and repaired.Welded sandblasted,glasblasted,sancoated,painted or galvanized

  • The color is original or your choise

  • This raises up the value of your car

Heating and air conditioning systems for 964 and 993

The heating and airconditioning systemsin the 964/993 was the first microprocessor-controlled Vehicle air system. This system is a very complex technology. Therefore, we now offer for this a diagnosis and completesystem check. All sensors and actuators will read out or controlled. The depth of thistest is substantially greater than the OBD scan. This gives a clear indication to theexisting bug, regardless on the functional state of the Climate control unit.

Air conditioning and heating diagnostics for 964 and 993
Price: 53,55 € + VAT


Maintenance at fixed price

Maintenance 20.000 KM

911 bis Bj. 90

820,00 €

911 turbo bis Bj.89

1.220,00 €


1.135,00 €

964 turbo (965)

1.060,00 €


775,00 €

993 turbo

820,00 €

993 tiptronic

820,00 €

986 Boxster

455,00 €


445,00 €

Maintenance 30.000 KM

987 Boxster

420,00 €

987 Cayman

425,00 €


495,00 €


495,00 €

991 alle Carrera

462,00 €

991 Turbo/Turbo S

737,00 €


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