Injection valves – checking and repairin

ASNU Test and service technic for Manifold Injection and Gasoline Direct Injection valves
The checking of the injection valves is not enough. We do not only find the problem – we remove also the reason !!

Engine - bad starting characteristic
Idling - misfire, rough running
Power - high fuel consumption
Mobile - insufficient spontaneity in throttle reponse
Problems with emissions tests no AU certificate
Lambda-Sensor - slow or no reaction
Catalyst - none or poor performance without finding a reason
OBD-2 Diagnosis - Bord computer says defaut
Why checking and repairing the injection valves ?

The requirements to the car constructors are worldwide higher to reduce the exhaust emission, to improve the fuel economic, to increase the engine power, to reduce the maintenance and the repairing costs.
Only when all components of the lambda regulated fuel injection system work most favourable these requirements can be fulfilled. The favourable combustion of the fuel/air mixture in the engine is depending on the perfect working of the injection valves. You can only realize a favourable combustion if the injected fuel in the combustion chamber at all cylinders over the total engine speed and the load range with view to the jet shape, jet angle, distribution, spraying and fuel quantity will be absolutely linear.
In the daily use of the car there are deposits in the injection valve which are on the surfaces – f.e. on the filter strainer, needle valve, needle head and injection seat. There are due to chemical impurities in the fuel and the fuel itself (additives) .
After turning off the engine the heat of the engine causes the drying of the fuel leading components and so again there will be residues. They burn in the nozzle elements and impair the function of the injection valves. More exhaust emissions, a higher fuel comsumption and a worse engine power are the results.

When have the injection vales been maintained?

Combustion and additive residues will be removed with a specially developed and patented ASNU-cleaning process per ultrasonic. An ultrasonic cleaning is the only possibility to get the injection valves in its original “clinical” pure condition.

Before the ASNU maintenance (left): extremely different distribution, spraying and quantitie of injection

After the ASNU maintenance: The result is obvious. The injection valves work now totally linear and guarantee an optimal fuel consumption with a minimal exhaust emissions.

Problems which we do not know we can not solve!

Until now there are no inspection regulations for injection valves from the car industry. This will be changed shortly, as some producers are occupied with this problem.
At the moment 99 % of the garages do not have the necessary inspection- and service technic – ASNU. The garages can only find resulting damages like damaged lambda detectors and catalysts.
The main reason – the not perfectly working injection valves will not be found.


The patented ASNU System will be world-wide recommended by the Robert Bosch GmbH and the Delphi Automotive Group to their service partners.

Our ASNU Protocols

ASNU-Injection valve diagnosis and service Direct injection nozzles

ASNU-Injection valve diagnosis and service Direct injection nozzles

ASNU Manifold Injection valves service
4 Piece

154,70 € plus removal and installation

6 Piece

202,30 € plus removal and installation

8 Piece

238,00 € plus removal and installation

For Bosch Injection Nozzles with Tube connection

49,00 €/pc. plus shipping/handling

plus 6,00 €/pc. with crimped tube

CAUTION: Please leave the tube on the injector(because we need it for the first test) otherwise we have to calculate the work.

prices incl. Tax, plus. shipping + possibly removal and installation.

ASNU Gasoline Direct Injection valves service
1 Piece

45,00 € plus removal and installation

4 Piece

170,50 € plus removal and installation

6 Piece

235,62 € plus removal and installation

8 Piece

285,60 € plus removal and installation