987 Boxster failed by a marten!

This 987 S Boxster came with several problems in the diagnostic.To find out about we put it on inspection mode to have a view at the engine.
What we saw you can see on the pictures a marten build his nest under the airintake.And he was hungry too.He had destroyed the electric harness from the oilsensor and the knocksensor.On top of the cause was that he ate the vacuum lines and thre was no plan to reconstruct.

Nice Boxster S with some kind of problems!

Diagnostic for failure!

The nest of the marten!

The nest of the marten!

Tail of an animal!

What a mess!Nice to work under such conditions!
Even the smell was something special.

After we took of the airintake with throtlebody and resonancepipe we repaired the harness and reconstruct the vaccumpipes.

Thats all he left !